Cusick 2001 Anesthesia and Critical Care

Reference Sheet

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Please use the "Notice to Merchant" box at the end of your order to specify if you want regular and/or mini size sheets and how many of each. You can also enter a different shipping address or special instructions in this section as well.

I will ship all Regular size sheets if you do not leave a notice or send an e-mail with your preference.

If you forget to tell me the sheet size send an e-mail after your order to accrs@cusick.com.

If your are ordering 10 sheets or less, or if you are having trouble using the above process, you can use my standard order page.

Please note that in your shopping cart the quantity box will show "1" but the true quantity is located in the Item box. If you make a mistake, check the "Remove" button and the "Update Cart" button, close the cart window and start over. Do NOT change the quantity in the shopping cart, it will multiply your order (sorry).

You can pay by Credit Card, E-check or using PayPal funds. I ship to foreign countries. You do not have to be a PayPal member or sign up for PayPal to order.

The price per sheet is automatically calculated as follows. These prices include shipping and handling. Sales tax will be added for Arizona orders only. The website will automatically calculate your discount.

Quantities 1 - 4: $15.00 per sheet.
Quantities 5 - 9: $12.00 per sheet
Quantities 10 - 49: $10.50 per sheet
Quantities 50 - 99: $9.00 per sheet
Quantities 100 or more: $7.50 per sheet

I process orders in batches every one to two weeks so your delivery time may vary. If you have not received your sheets after one month, e-mail me to request order status. Occasionally packages get lost in the US mail, shipping address is incorrect, or address labels are destroyed. I am not set up to provide shipping dates or tracking information. I am a full time Anesthesiologist working in a very busy private practice so please realize my personal call and work schedule do not allow me to fill orders daily.

I guarantee that you will be happy with your order. If there are any problems or your sheets arrive damaged I will gladly send your order again or give you a full refund. Your order is secure and protected against fraud under PayPal's Buyer Protection Policy. I am a Verified PayPal Business.

Address any questions to me at accrs@cusick.com.